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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a knitting or crochet pattern? Maybe you’ve wondered why some patterns are free an others are not? Have you ever gotten a pattern and found mistakes? And, why are there all those different ways of creating new stitches? or casting on? or binding off? Although creating a new pattern may seem pretty straightforward, coming up with the idea and designing the pattern are just the first steps on the road to writing a good pattern that will create the envisioned item. We recently ran across a great article about “the true cost of a knitting pattern” that will give you a great perspective on what you are purchasing when you pay your $6 – $10 for pattern, and why you should support independent designers by not sharing patterns you have purchased. Because, after all, without independent designers, our craft of choice would suffer greatly!

Please take a few moments to read the article – we think you will find it interesting an enlightening!

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