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When Angie Margulis walks into the shop on Saturday mornings, on the arm of her son, Yarn and Thread Expressions lights up. Her son, has been bringing her in every Saturday since Angie gave up driving at age 90. She is now 93 and holds the distinction of being the “youngest old person” to be a shop regular. She wears this title, given to her by a very perceptive friend, proudly.

Angie shows her “youngest” side weekly as she interacts with all the customers, young and old, who come into the shop. She makes friends easily is always awarded her special “seat” when she comes in. She is particularly fond of the young students who come in for class and they all respond in kind to her.

She not only listens to others’ stories, but contributes many colorful ones from her own past. One of the best stories she tells is of the time she followed a sheriff’s deputy to the station house to let him know that he had run a stop sign. She felt it was only fair to let him know since she herself had recently been stopped by a policeman for making a “Hollywood stop”.

Angie not only knits, but crochets as well. Over the years she has had many hobbies such as china painting, ceramic doll making and sewing. One of her hobbies became a Knit A Long project where everyone enjoyed making wooden dolls and clothing them with knitted dresses. She also has some ceramic pins she made that are for sale in the yarn shop.

Angie recently moved from her own home to an assisted living facility where she participates in Bingo, Exercise Classes and walking the grounds. She has knit 6 shawls for the “old folks” where she lives and is currently busy making giant pom poms to share with these same “old folks” because she feels they would have fun throwing and catching them for exercise!

Angie, Angela, was born into an Italian immigrant family. She grew up as the youngest of three daughters in Orland, California where her family lived, grew most of their own food, and made most of their clothing. She was taught to be strong and self-sufficient and has maintained these traits to this day.

Marrying a sailor brought her to the San Diego area, and to other parts of the country as well. Her first husband was killed while they lived in Hawaii and Angie was left with 3 children. Her youngest daughter was still in school. With help from family and friends she raised her children, and eventually remarried. Her second marriage lasted 23 years until she was widowed once again. She has 6 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren who she is very proud of and she stays actively engaged in their lives. Some of her favorite times is when the whole family gathers for special occasions.

She has done a lot of cruising and has traveled to quite a few places. She lists the Amalfi coast as one of her favorite places. Angie is currently looking forward to visiting a granddaughter in Colorado. She also has grandchildren in Tennessee and Washington, DC., as well as in the San Diego area.

Oh, did I mention the rose tattoo on her ankle that she got when she was 80!

Angie is one of a kind and is a favorite of one and all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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